Experience of challenging projects and leadership in the field of systems design, construction and contracting for over two decades.

Niklas Rosenblad is offering services and supervision in electrical safety, electric systems design, construction and contracting. His expertise can be useful where versatile practical and theoretical knowledge and solid knowledge of industrial systems are needed. This electric part of the business business is a sideline activity in addition to Niklas' PhD studies and relating research.

The environmental policy focuses on developing long term and sustainable solutions as well as actively planning systems that utilize and support the latest climate smart technology and low electromagnetic field impact on environment's.

Services and products I offer, among other things, are:
  • Contracting and design supervision and monitoring
  • Review and auditing of system design material and documents
  • System-level construction calculation, sizing and analysis
  • Measuring (with FLUKE measuring equipments)
  • Planning and work-descriptions
  • Texts and translations
  • Schematics and drawings (with CADS planning system)
The service is registered at the Finnish Electrical Safety Authority (TUKES)


Engineering, knowledge and competenses (short) courses

Niklas is a qualified VET-teacher, offering private courses and lectures drawing upon:
  • Electrical Safety at Work (SFS 6002); SETI's plenipotentiaries’ educator
  • Knowledge based and pragmatic calculation and design based on SFS 6000
  • General Electrical Safety as idea and in practice
  • Sustainability based on social, ecological and economical aspects
  • Counseling and supervision of work-based learning

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When needs of supervision appears

Upon reguest, we offer counseling and supervision regarding themes of:
  • Business operations and systems of activities in companies and organisations
  • Presumption & maintenance of authority for electrical contracting
  • Safe and economically viable operating activities
  • Communicative interactions within work communities


My small business contact information is

Ingenjörsbyrå Rosenblad Insinööritoimisto
FI-10330 Billnäs
BIC: OKYFIHH, Bank account: FI16 5549 0420 0889 62
Phone: +35840 718 5929
E-mail/ Skype: niklas[at]rosenblad.fi

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Niklas Rosenblad

M.Eng./ Leg. teacher (tech.)

Full CV and references-list available upon request.

Membership: Association of Finnish Electrical Designers NSS
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